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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Many filipinos and many more of our people see the injustices, the poverty, the underdevelopment, the lack of peace, the pollution, the damage to the environment that are all facts of daily life. They are moved to respond to such realities.

Many people in our country are victims of violence, injustice, exploitation and oppression. They find themselves helpless for they simply do not know where to go or what to do.

In war-torn Mindanao, Peace is the dream, the quest and the solution to many problems.

The environmental damage is pervasive. Pollution increases. Land, seas and rivers so necessary for life are becoming hazards. The reality of destructive logging programs, un-ecological agricultural practices, unhealthy mining and coastal mismanagement all cry out for our attention

Through the years, there have been many difficulties, frustrations, and pains but we must not be sober and reluctant and have transcended them as opportunities for growth and possibilities

The rootedness of a filipino values, work, and lifestyle in spirituality and charism require a common effort. Secularism, consumerism, and economic globalization challenge our spirituality and calls for solidarity with the poor of the world.


JAMES said...

Your life is somehow rich because you decide to give when you knew inside you have things lacking. Your way of giving is adequate to the Lord that He do not want you to worry about where you are going with your life because he has alot bigger oppurtunities in your life but of course with bigger accountabilities. Be rich in faith my friend, because when I see you did, I also endure knowing my counsel to you is great from the Lord Jesus Christ. Never siezed seeking learning because it is this way we programmers flourish. I am happy because my principle is correct. That, it is more satisfying to give than when you recieve. Please read my posts later, you will learn what I'm talking about. It is the best way of giving by service and receiving by faith than the world's meaning of this terms. See you around Del.... :o)

JAMES said...

One more thing...


I strongly advocate the people such as yourselves that we somehow alleviates their situation of this people. Should we not realize that later on, the day after, they will still starve because we fail to convey unto them the idea of self-sustainability? One street child for instance, we feed one of them, clothe them but the real culprit over this situation is the parents who may have been lacking awareness because of (you know?! POVERTY AGAIN..) Wouldnn't it be better or bigger step to make (BOLDER) if we manage to educate them somehow? I wish we can make a way for this people to realize that the way to fight poverty is self-sustainability and by giving them things to keep busy upon. They will be productive and might not recoarse to crime, surely. While we nurture our spirituality by seeing the result right away, this people will still starve later on and will keep on longing for our assistance (ONLY TEMPORAL & IMMEDIATE ASSITANCE). The effect would be, their spirituality will be much more vulnerable and challenged because truly it's hard to think of goodness towards other people when hunger is eating our souls away. We have'nt been that much hungrier so it would be better if we see this side of the road. Several years ago a priest believe this street people can become a helper themselves by learning. So what we did was educate the majority of the cottage industry and let them learn to live and appreciate their own production. Nurture potential leaders and direct them to helping the community grow. It's a PAY-FORWARD situation. I see a lot of societies/communities grow this way. It's a good project - enriching to us and to them.

monica© said...

ang sweet mo naman rodel, touch ako...huhuhu :"(

keep it up! ^_^